The 15 Most Influential Business Books of 2015

The Financial Times and McKinsey & Co. are working together for their annual business book award; this’d be the 11th award ceremony and they have announced long list of 15 semifinalist this week.

This year’s top business books were written by journalist, economist, and academics. In their books they have discussed the opportunities and dangers of new and rapidly growing technologies. The top book of the year will be announced in September by Financial Times. Till then let’s have a look on top15 books.

  1. ‘Misbehaving’ this book was written by Richard Thaler. Mr. Thaler is an economist and he’s also known as “the father of behavioral economics”. In his book Thaler has described the ways through which one can understand markets. As in traditional economics one’s decision are not solely based on rationales rather decisions are influenced by biases. In his book readers will find Thaler’s personal intelligence in terms of understanding market better.
  2. ‘Elon Musk’ written by Ashlee Vance. He’s the billionaire of Space X and Tesla. According to him, his mission in life is to prevent human race destroying itself. His books depicts a picture of an individual who aims to change the world in spite of a lot difficulties; the same individual has also faced a lot of difficulty being the leader however he was good to inspire everyone.
  3. ‘Climate Shock’ written by Gernot Wagner and Martin Weitzman. In this book they have discussed the importance of climate change and why it is so important to pay attention on this complicated issue. They have discussed the ways of prevent disasters which will be led my climate change and that key is to analyze the situation now very crucially on a global level and sorting out ways to prevent further damage.
  4. ‘Unfinished Business’ by Anne-Marie Slaughter. In 2009 Slaughter became the first female director of policy planning for the state department. However she was very much passionate about her job however she left that job because somehow she was unhappy as her job did not led her be a wife and a mother the way she wanted to be. In her this book she has discussed ways via which corporations and individual can work to make men and women professionally equal.
  5. ‘Phishing for Phools’ written by George Akerlof and Robert Shiller. In their book they have discussed how people are involved in deception just for sake of profit and how they are ruining the concept of invisible hand given by “Adams Smith”. They have also discussed that in today’s world demands are crafted in order to bring the concept of supply to demand ratio; all this is solely done for sake of profit.

Above mentioned were just the five out of fifteen top listed books. These books are obviously selected because they stand out. I’d like to request readers to strengthen their knowledge of current trend, polices and tricks being played in today’s market by reading these book.